Robin with Scarf, Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz

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This 11oz mug features an accented C-Handle that is comfortable to use, as well as an accented interior to add more contrast and character. 

.: White ceramic with red interior and handle

.: C-handle

.: Eye-catching color contrast

.: Lead and BPA-free

Optional personalization: see example (small picture on the side of the name matches the picture on the opposite side of the mug).

Meet the most fashion-forward robin in the winter wonderland! Perched proudly on a holly branch, this little birdie is not just braving the cold – it's rocking it with style. Wrapped snugly around its neck is a bright red scarf, flapping gently in the frosty breeze. The robin, with its feathers fluffed up against the chill, seems to be smirking at its own sartorial choices. Surrounding this stylish avian are glossy green holly leaves and vibrant red berries, adding a pop of festive color. This merry scene is lovingly depicted on a sturdy ceramic mug, perfect for sipping hot cocoa or eggnog. Imagine warming your hands on this cup, chuckling every time you catch a glimpse of the robin's confident pose and its 'too cool for winter' attitude. It's not just a mug; it's a little piece of holiday cheer!

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